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When it comes to having a website built, your options range from highly skilled design firms with bloated pricing to under skilled armatures offering sub-professional pricing. It's important for you to stay in the sweet spot: skilled designer, realistic pricing. The sweet spot is you (happy with services) and designer (happy with payment). Enter the Web Site Design Services of Bill Morrison.

Website design is constently evolving and you should hire a designer who has keep up to speed. I have been fortunate to train under and assist some of the foremost leaders in the industry. I also teach the technologies I practice.

Looking to have a site build or to have an existing site updated to meet modern demands? Need a consultation to help optimize your site and its offerings? - contact me.

For additional information about my services please see Frequently Asked Questions below.

Do you do both initial designs and existing site re-designs?

Absolutely -

Have an idea, project, product or service that needs a web presence? - I can create it

Have an existing site that needs additions, reorganization, a modern look, modern code and technology? - I can re-create it

What do your services cost?

In my experience web service pricing comes in different forms depending on the work involved:

  • Per hour for xhtml/css & graphics = $65
  • Per page includes look & feel, text, navigation, images, graphics = $150
  • Site cost is often based on client honesty (i.e. "Bill, I have $x.xx budgeted for a site, what can we do?")
  • Updates may be billed hourly, by the page or project based depending on the update request
  • Discounts may apply but are up to my discretion

How does a web project typically proceed

  1. Contact me (email or telephone) to discuss the project
  2. Lock down and agree on a project budget and scope of services
    • Note: mid-project scope changes may well result in budget chances (increase scope » increase budget)
  3. Find your Domain Name (ex. www.bill-morrison.com) and website hosting company
    • I currently recommend and use bluehost for both Domain Name purchases and web hosting (you pay <$100/yr)
  4. Collect site material (text, images, video etc) from you
    • Note: the actual content you put on you site needs to come from you - it's you idea, project, product or service.

What don't you do?

With honesty being the best policy...

I do not write my own complex ActionScript (Flash) or JavaScript though I am capable to utilizing (and modifying) code written by brilliant others.

I am not a php/mysql database wizard...yet