Adobe Training and Web Design Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

After swapping domain names (more than once) I've finally settled on one which should encompass what I've been, what I am now, and what I may be in the future. Aloha and welcome to

Offering Hands-On Training for Adobe Photoshop & Flash

This site aims to promote the live classes that I teach for Pacific New Media at the University of Hawaii Manoa (Honolulu). This site also houses the support pages (class exercises & downloads) which students are free to explore before, during and after class. Also online are classes and tutorials that I am currently preparing.

Web Design & Consulting Services

In addition to Adobe product training I also work as a freelance website designer. As a teacher I am lucky to stay on top of many dynamic online technologies including: xhtml/css, image and search engine optimization and use of javascript and Flash.

In need of a website, site re-build or consultation? - contact me.